PULR Frequently Asked Questions  - Updated September 10, 2023.

1 - What is the color coding scheme ?

We've conveniently color-coded our products to make it easy to distinguish their purpose which is intimately tied to the cable diameter.  For instance, Yellow is for 4.8 mm optical fiber whereas green is for 3 mm optical fiber.  Blue is for Category X cables.  Red is for Audio Video (HDMI) products. Black is for Electrical. White is for Coax and Orange is for datacenter cross connects. 

2 - What are the threaded ends choice for ?

We ship by default on #8-32 threaded male ends. This makes the products compatible with the standard US size pulling sticks from Klein, Greenly, Jonard, LSDI & Eagle.  Our PULR™ stick kit also employs #8-32 threading. 

3 - The thread on the Puller™ or Helipuller™ does not seem long enough.  

You've provably got a stick with a recessed threaded end at the bottom of a barrel. Grind one end to make it less deep.

Certain stick vendors have recessed threaded ends at the bottom of a deep barrel, which is the case of the Greenlee pulling sticks.  We recommend shimming the end of one of your sicks with a grinder to make the threaded barrel closer to the tip.  The purpose of the barrel end is to provide mechanical force when bending sticks that isn't always on the threads. It's clever, but we do not want to ship all of our products with 2 inch long threaded ends just to cover the cases of these sticks. If you are wanting to equip an entire fleet already outfitted with a particular model of pulling sticks, we'll of course sell you threaded ends that are of the optimal length. 

4 - Puller™ vs Helipuller™ vs ReadyToPull™ vs PULR™ Accessories

Our product lines feature different technologies that we have optimized for different applications.

Puller™: Cable pulling adapters work with our BackHook™ Grip technology which leverages injection molded cable boots to provide the anchor for pulling. This technology is featured in our, HDMI Puller™ and our ReadyToPull CatX RJ-45™

Helipuller™: Cable pulling adapters with our second generation grip technology, i.e. our HelicalGrip™ and that also terminates on on a short PULRGrip™ for convenience, just like in our ReadyToPull™ devices. They provide however 2 to 3 times the pulling grip.

Our ReadyToPull™ cable pulling adapters are designed for low costs OEM light-duty pulling (or pushing) applications and principally work with our PULRGrip™. This technology is featured in our ReadyToPull™ SC 3 mmReadyToPull™ SC 4.8 mm devices as well as our ReadyToPull™ SC-P 3mm. While they are called Puller™, they are long and equally serve well as pushing sticks from the outside of the house NID to the inside of the house and are rated for 15 lbs of push, followed by 5 lbs of pull.

Our Flat Drop Puller™  and our ReadyToPull CatX RJ-45™ are also part of the ReadyToPull™ line, but instead work with our BackHook™ Grip Technology like the HDMI Puller™.

PULR™: Accessories what work with Puller™ and Helipuller™ Cable Pulling Adapters. For instance our PULR™ Stick Kit, our PULR™ Back to Back Adapter, and the PULR™ Pull Tape Adapter that comes bundled with all retail packages.

5 - What is a Helipuller™ ?

An Helipuller™ is a cable pulling adapter featuring our HelicalGrip™ patented technology that works to firmly hold cables by placing them in constriction in the helically wound re-entrant groove. Some products have one HelicalGrip™ and some others have multiple grips enabling pulling on multiple cables at the same time, providing an equal amount of grip onto every cable. This is our second-generation technology which follows in the footsteps of the original PULR™ Grip featured in our  ReadyToPull™ products which increases the grip force by 2x to 3x, up to 30 pounds.  These products will not require use of Electrical tape, and therefore are faster to use and more ecological.

6 - What is a Puller™ ?

A Puller™ is a cable pulling adapter featuring our BackHook™ Grip technology,  which is our original patented invention that pre-dates our HelicalGrip™ featured in Helipuller™ products. When the the cable has an injection molded boot, the Puller™ can work by applying a back-hook on the injection molded boot (which is also a mechanism of operation that we patented) and then the pull force is no longer limited by friction of the PULR™ Grip, but by the bond of the boot to the cable, which can be upwards of 50 pounds such as in the case of molded CatX patch cords. These models are much easier to manufacture than our Helipullers™ and can be sold as OEM (bundled with each cable).  

7 - What is a ReadyToPull™  Cable Pulling Adapter?

Our ReadyToPull™ cable pulling adapter featuring our original PULRGrip™ which is our original patented invention that pre-dates our HelicalGrip™ featured in Helipuller™ products. They work by holding onto the cable sheath solely by friction in the re-entrant longitudinal groove, providing 5 to 15 pounds of pull force (depending on the length of the ReadyToPull™ and the fit), whereas a Helipuller™ will provide double that (30 pounds) and be much more permissive on the fit. These models are much easier to manufacture than our Helipullers™ and can be sold as OEM (bundled with each cable).

8 - Why the Helitag™

Following in the footsteps of the Helipuller™, our Helitag™ products expand on our expertise with helical attachment devices. The Helitag™ will save on the use of tape as well as zip-tie tails. 

If you have an application calling for a Puller™ or ReadyToPull™ to be shipped with everyone of your cables, we'd like to support it and we have the OEM pricing that makes it possible.