ReadyToPull CATX RJ-45

Sale price$24.99 USD

The ReadyToPull™ Puller CatX RJ-45 is the first tool designed to pull a factory injection molded Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 and Cat8 jumpers (up to 7 mm in diameter) with an RJ-45 connector. The ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45 is supplied with purpose designed spacers which makes it a universal device compatible with most Category cable jumpers, hence the CatX RJ-45 name.

For field-terminated RJ-45 connector we have the Helipuller™ Cat 6 mm RJ-45 which will only grab on the cable sheath as field terminated RJ-45 connectors do not have boots that are injection molded.

The ReadyToPull™ Puller™ CatX RJ-45 is sold to patch cable OEMs at steep volume discount such as to enable long patch cables to ship out of the factory already pre-mounted with a ReadyToPull™ Puller™ CatX RJ-45 at one end. While the ReadyToPull™ Puller™ CatX RJ-45 is fundamentally a Puller™, we chose to prioritize it in our ReadyToPull™ family owing to its favored use by patch cord OEMs.

The ReadyToPull™ Puller™ CatX RJ-45 is available in 4 threaded end variants, #8-32, M4x0.7 mm, M5x0.8 mm and 1/4” UNC, which means that you can be sure to get variant that is compatible with your pulling stick. The ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45 comes conveniently bundled with a  PULR™ Pull Tape Adapter which makes it easy to attach a pull tape/pull rope/steel fish tape.

The ReadyToPull™ Puller™ CatX RJ-45 makes use of our Backhook™ technology found in our HDMI Puller™, which relies on the strength of the bond between the boot and the sheath of the cable, which is fortunately very strong with factory injection molded boots.   Since CatX is not meant to be pulled more than 30 pounds per the T568 standard, we can confirm that most injection molded boots far exceed this value. So this means you can pull harder than the standard will allow, which means that the ReadyToPull™ Puller™ CatX RJ-45 is is not the device placing a limit on how hard you can pull, its the T568 standard that will.

The  ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45 enables deployment of male-terminated Modular Plug Terminated Links confirming to the TIA-568.2-D standard, which permits RJ-45 male terminations for immediate insertion into a WiFi access point, an IPTV camera, Intercoms, etc.

Color: Blue
Threaded end: #8-32