HeliPass™ NFC for CatX Cables

Re-usable, Affordable and Ready to ship.

Making your cables the center of your innovation strategy since 2022

RFID Tag & Digital Product Passport Carrier


HeliPass™ Enables use of RFID Tags for Operational Technology . Works with TapDPP on the Appstore.

Digital Product Passports for Cables

Circular Lifecycle Cable Management

Cited in the CIRPASS D3.1 Appendix as a solution for attaching DPP RFIDs onto cables.

RFID Cable Tags

Cable tagging without a zip tie tail to trash

Our patent pending Helitag™ redefines ease of use and affordability with an edge on Sustainability.

Pulling SC through 3/8'' Holes

FTTH Installs made Easy and Fast!

PULR has invented the HelicalGrip™ which makes it possible to pull FTTH patch cables with SC APC connectors down the smallest hole sizes (3/8'').

Cable Pulling Adapters

The end of wasted electrical tape

Our names comes from the unique re-entrant groove which enables pulling pre-terminated FTTH cables without need for wasting electrical tape.