Helipuller Optical Audio

Sale price$24.99 USD

The Helipuller™ Optical Audio is a cable pulling adapter invented, patented and manufactured by PULR Technologies Inc. in Canada. It is designed to protect Optical Audio (Toslink) Cables while pulling them.

Multiple patented mechanisms are combined to provide a unique experience, ease of use, pull force and universal compatibility with most Toslink cables. Featuring our patented HelicalGrip™, the Helipuller™ Audio will not damage the fiber optic connector of Toslink cables, yet provide a grip force without need for using any electrical tape.

Available in #8-32, M4x0.7mm, M5x0.8mm and 1/4 UNC variants, the Helipuller™ Optical Audio will work with the pulling sticks that are commonly available on the shelves. Please make sure to choose the threading end size that matches your pulling sticks. The default configuration is #8-32 which works with the PULR Stick Kit as well as the most US pulling sticks. You can attach to it the included PULR™ Pull Tape Adapter which makes it possible to pull inside a conduit attached to pull tape/rope/steel fish.

Color: Red
Threaded end: #8-32