ReadyToPull SC-P 3 mm Kits

Sale price$16.99 USD

Our ReadyToPull™ SC 3 mm Kits bundle a high-quality 15, 30 or 50 feet 3 mm diameter SC/APC indoor-outdoor patch cable with our unique tool, saving you 3 to 10 minutes on every FTTH installation. The tool provides a push (from the outside) of up to 15 lbs and a pull (from the inside) of up to 5 lbs.  Its now easy to get across most walls in the tiniest of holes (3/8'') or small diameter conduits (1/2'' diameter), even with very sharp bends (4-inch radius 90-degree). The tool protects the SC/A patch cable connector while pushing and pulling. No failed connectors. No snags or patch cables getting caught up by tape in the hole. No cable falling in the cavity of the wall. The tool features a standard #8-32 threaded head, compatible with our PULR Sticks or your existing #8-32 sticks (Klein, Jonard, Greenlee, LSDI). You can also attach to it the optional PULR™ Pull Tape Adapter which makes it possible to pull inside a conduit attached to pull tape/rope/steel fish. Watch our comprehensive tutorial on Youtube to learn the secret to get an SC/A connector pulled in a 3/8'' hole!
Color: Green
Threaded End: #8-32
Patch cord length: 15ft