Category 3/4/5/5E/6/6A/8 up to 6 mm in diameter with the standard CatX Helipuller and if you need to pull on bigger cables, we also have it on special order.


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Helipuller CAT 6
Helipuller CAT 6 Sale price$24.99 USD
Helipuller CAT 5E
Helipuller CAT 5E Sale price$24.99 USD
PULR Stick KitPULR Stick Kit
PULR Stick Kit Sale price$19.99 USD
Helipuller CAT6 RJ-45Helipuller CAT6 RJ-45
Helipuller CAT6 RJ-45 Sale price$24.99 USD
ReadyToPull CATX RJ-45ReadyToPull CATX RJ-45
ReadyToPull CATX RJ-45 Sale price$24.99 USD
PULR Back-to-Back AdapterPULR Back-to-Back Adapter
PULR Back-to-Back Adapter Sale price$9.99 USD
Triple HelipullerTriple Helipuller
Triple Helipuller Sale price$29.99 USD
PULR Pull Tape AdapterPULR Pull Tape Adapter
PULR Pull Tape Adapter Sale price$4.99 USD