ReadyToPull SC 4.8 mm

Sale price$24.99 USD

Our ReadyToPull™ SC 4.8 mm leverages the PULRGrip™ to provide light-duty pulls (or push) up to 15 lbs of 4.8 mm self-bend limiting bend insensitive patch cables, through the wall of a house from the outside to the inside for FTTH installations.  They are designed with the lowest costs in mind to support OEM applications. They are priced to be pre-mounted with the patch cables as they are shipped from the factory to make the patch cables ready to be installed (ReadyToPull™) when taken out of the bag.  Our store pricing is for sample quantities and our OEM pricing is in line with high-volume opportunities. We also have a variant for 3 mm diameter cables. You can attach to it the optional PULR™ Pull Tape Adapter which makes it possible to pull inside a conduit attached to pull tape/rope/steel fish. It is also available in a variant for conduit pulling only with an integrated pull tape eye.
Color: Yellow
Threaded End: #8-32