HDMI Puller

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The HDMI Puller™ from PULR Technologies Inc. makes it possible to pull most non-optical HDMI cables through two 5/8'' holes side-by-side, behind walls, across suspended ceiling tiles, addicts, etc., all without damaging its connector. It attaches to a pulling stick. The kit also comes supplied with a PULR™ Pull Tape Adapter which makes it possible to attach Pull tape/Rope/Steel Fish. The HDMI Puller™ kit includes spacers for most HDMI cable diameters. This is a video demonstration of the AV products and those are the how to use instructions.

The #8-32 male threaded end makes it compatible with most well known US pulling sticks brands. First-of-a-kind #8-32 consumer-grade affordable sticks made to PULR™ specifications are also available. HDMI Puller™ is also available in variants for M4, M5 and 1/4 threaded ends for compatibility with third party pulling sticks.  Please make sure to choose the right threaded end matching that of your pulling sticks.

Color: Red
Threaded end: #8-32