HDMI Puller™ Instructions

The HDMI Puller™ is a cable pulling adapter invented, patented and manufactured by PULR Technologies Inc. in Canada. Multiple patented mechanisms are combined to provide a unique experience, ease of use, pull force and universal compatibility with most HDMI cables. The HDMI Puller™ is a reusable tool that should last a long time. The tool is designed to take advantage of the reliability of cable overmolded HDMI connectors which provide for a strong hook for pulling* (please read the warning at the end). This pulling mechanism is patented by PULR Technologies Inc. The re-entrant PULRGrip™ allows for the cable to snap in the re-entrant groove in the HDMI Puller™ Tail, which is also patented by PULR Technologies Inc., thus allowing pulling HDMI connectors without any electrical tape.

Available in both #8-32 and M4x0.7mm variants, the HDMI Puller™ will work with the pulling sticks that are commonly available on the shelves.

The following pictures show how the HDMI Puller™ can be used in a variety of situations, with the components included in the kit such as the pull tape adapter and the 8 spacers, as well as third party #8-32 threaded glow rods which can easily be procured such as the Klein ones which are sold at Home Depot, or are already owned by most installers.

The following video demonstrates how to use the HDMI Puller™, showing a perfectly sized HDMI cable is inserted and how a much smaller HDMI cable is also secured using the included spacers.

Please have a look at the following pictures to understand how to use the HDMI Puller™.

Picture 1. HDMI Puller™ with pull tape adapter attached to the 8-32 threaded end.
This HDMI cable is snug fit in length and diameter and snaps in the PULRGrip™, no spacer nor tape needed.Picture 2. HDMI Puller™ with 4 mm diameter HDMI cable. Since this cable has a much smaller than the PULRGrip™ tail, we recommend to secure the cable in the HDMI Puller™ with one or two rounds of electrical tape. Since this HDMI cable also has a shorter boot, we show it being secured with the included spacer. In this case, a single spacer is needed, but for even shorter boots it may be that two spacers are needed. The use of spacers in this manner is also patented by PULR Technologies inc.
The picture also shows the HDMI Puller™ attached via its #8-32 threaded end to the female side of a #8-32 threaded glow rod.
The #8-32 threaded male end on the HDMI Puller™ makes it compatible with standard US size Glow rods from Klein, Jonard, LSDI CreepZit, Eagle Tools, etc. If you use a pulling rod that isn't #8-32 female threaded, we may be able provide you barrel adapters that match your pulling rod threading (such as M5x0.8 and M4x0.7) upon request. Please get in touch with us on this topic. Picture 3. Illustration of the HDMI Puller™ tail which is recessed slightly allowing for tape not to interfere with the pull operation. The tape recess in the HDMI Puller™ tail is also patented by PULR Technologies Inc. Picture 4. Here we show the included bag containing 8 spacers, two red (4mm), two yellow (5 mm), two white (6 mm) and two Blue (7 mm). The re-entrant PULRGrip™ in the spacers is also patented by PULR Technologies inc. The set of included spacers allows for a single kit to be universal with most HDMI cables and boot form factors. Sometimes for very short HDMI cable boots, it may be that two spacers are required.Picture 5. Here we show how Two 5/8'' holes side by side are sufficient to pull an HDMI Cable through. The middle section between the two holes can be evened easily by drilling slightly sideways. This makes it possible to avoid drilling overly large holes.

Disclaimer: The HDMI Puller™ by PULR Technologies is a tool and like most tools, it should be manipulated with safety gloves and safety goggles, especially that it is meant to be used jointly with fiberglass pulling sticks that may result in causing potentially dangerous splinters of fiberglass as the pulling sticks wear out.

PLEASE READ THIS WARNING. the pulling force applied may exceed the shearing strength of the bond between the HDMI connector boot and the cable sheath, which may be the case with some HDMI cables with a textile sheath. If you use an HDMI cable which doesn't have a cable overmolded connector, it may be that you may not want to use the HDMI Puller™. Please return the product for a full refund. PULR Technologies Inc. is not responsible for any damage to HDMI cables as a result of the use of the HDMI Puller™. This product is designed for free motion relatively light pulls and you may want to pre-test the pull force that you intend to apply on a sample of the HDMI cable that you use, before engaging in pulling production HDMI cables. PULR Technologies Inc. can provide an HDMI Helipulller™ with a HelicalGrip™ for HDMI cables that may have a weak bond between the HDMI connector boot and the cable sheath, such that the pulling force may be transferred to the cable sheath and not the against the HDMI connector boot as in the case of the HDMI Puller™.


The HDMI Puller™ may be covered by a standard legal reasonable use warranty which may vary across jurisdictions. If a failure of the HDMI Puller™ occurs within 90 days of your original purchase, please send us a proof of purchase indicating the date and the location that the purchase was made with a short defect report (with picture) identifying how how the product broke and we will send you a free replacement.

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