TapDPP is now available on the Appstore

TapDPP is now available on the Appstore

To download TapDPP on your iPhone, click the link below:


TapDPP is all about IIOT for OT inclusive of Sustainability.  This means that cable tags are no longer just telling what the cables connect to, but informing what the cables are made out of, what are suitable replacement parts, how genuine are these replacement parts, how they can be maitained, repaired and recycled at the end of life.

PULR Technologies provides the most affordable Industrial IOT (IIOT) platform for OT (Operational Technologies). Smartphones using our TapDPP App along with the TapDPP.App Service can scan and program our HeliPass.  Our TapDPP.App Online Service hosts Digital Product Passports (DPP) deep links using the RFID globally unique serial number as the key. Digitizing cable methods of procedure (MOPs) is now easier and digital twins remain in sync with the physical network. the role of NFC is to enable local caching of dynamically changing information in the RFID memory.  TapDPP is free to use along with our TapDPP.App online service on the public internet and is available for customization and integration onto corporate intranets. Get in touch with us at sales@pulrtechnologies.com for a quote.

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