PULR™ Cable Pulling Adapters are now increasingly are now available on retail shelves such as Acces Electronique. The four models which are most relevant to AV installation include the HDMI Puller™, the Toslink Helipuller™ and both the Cat6 and the Cat6 RJ45 Helipullers.

They are solde at stores like Stereo+ in their #8-32 variants along with the PULR Stick Kit as well as at Accès Electronique in their M4 configuration owing to their compatibility with the Rok Tools pulling sticks besides them. At PULR we pride ourselves for making cable pulling Easy and Fast for everyone, both installers and the general public!  It is even possible to pull speaker wires with the Cat6 Helipuller. 


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HDMI Puller
HDMI Puller Sale price$24.99 USD
PULR Stick KitPULR Stick Kit
PULR Stick Kit Sale price$19.99 USD
Helipuller Optical AudioHelipuller Optical Audio
Helipuller Optical Audio Sale price$24.99 USD
Helipuller CAT 6
Helipuller CAT 6 Sale price$24.99 USD
Helipuller CAT6 RJ-45Helipuller CAT6 RJ-45
Helipuller CAT6 RJ-45 Sale price$24.99 USD
PULR Back-to-Back AdapterPULR Back-to-Back Adapter
PULR Back-to-Back Adapter Sale price$9.99 USD
Triple HelipullerTriple Helipuller
Triple Helipuller Sale price$29.99 USD
PULR Pull Tape AdapterPULR Pull Tape Adapter
PULR Pull Tape Adapter Sale price$4.99 USD
ReadyToPull CATX RJ-45ReadyToPull CATX RJ-45
ReadyToPull CATX RJ-45 Sale price$24.99 USD
Helipuller CAT 5E
Helipuller CAT 5E Sale price$24.99 USD