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The Helitag™ RAIN™ RFID is the latest patent-pending innovation from PULR Technologies Inc. It is the Easy and Fast™ way to add labels onto cables and conduits and inventory them from up to 30 feet away, wirelessly, without a battery. The Helitag™ RAIN™ RFID transforms the round shape of a cable or conduit, into a flat shape where a  label will stick well atop the antenna, and will easily be seen. Tool-less, no flush cutters required, no zip-tie tails to cut and trash and thus more ecological than zip-ties. The RFID antenna can then be displaced and oriented towards the reader, as the springs of the Helitag™ RAIN™ Sensors will latch it back in place wherever it is moved along a cable or conduit.  The Helitag™ RAIN™ RFID  opens a world of possibilities such as digital twinning of cables and conduits. Packages vary from low-cost 0-65 C commercial temp to hardening for industrial and even more demanding applications.
Diameter: 3 mm
Color: Orange
RFID: Impinj M830