PULR Technologies Releases the ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45

PULR Technologies Releases the ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45

Picture showing the ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45 attached to a PULR™ Stick.

We have released the ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45 as the first tool to feature our Backhook™ technology for Category X patch cables with injection molded boots. It works just like our HDMI Puller™.

Thanks to the strength of factory terminated RJ-45 connectors and injection molded boots, it is possible to pull on Category 5, 5E, 6, 6A & 8 patch cables with good force without risk of damaging the connector or breaking the patch cables. This makes it convenient to pull on long patch cables that are pre-certified from the factory, which is convenient when field termination certification is cost prohibitive.

For non-injection molded boots or field-installed RJ-45 connectors, we recommend the Helipuller™ Cat6-RJ45 which applies pulling force only against the cable sheath and not against the cable boot.

The ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45 comes with two different spacers for both long and short CatX boots. Typically less expensive cables have shorter boots and more expensive cables have longer boots.   

Like all other ReadyToPull™ models, the ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45 comes with a #8-32 threaded end providing versatility and lots of re-use cycles. It is then possible to attach either the supplied screw on PULR™ Pull Tape Eye Adapter or attach any of the main brands of US pulling sticks. Those in the  the PULR Stick Kit  are also #8-32 threaded.  It is also available in variants for M4, M5 and 1/4 for other brands of pulling sticks. The versatility of the male threaded end also allows attachment of other devices that are #8-32 threaded such as a Magnepull head enabling easy installations behind gypsum walls or ceilings. 

The ReadyToPull™ CatX RJ-45  is in stock and ready for purchase at the MSRP price, from the https://PULR.Store or from the distribution channels at a discount. Distribution inquiries are welcome.  For more information, please fill our contact form.

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