PULR Technologies releases the Triple Helipuller™

PULR Technologies releases the Triple Helipuller™

Picture showing the Triple Helipuller™ attached to POL, POE and Class4 wires

The Triple Helipuller™ is the first tool designed to pull 3 cables at the same time, Easy and Fast™.  It is affordable with an MSRP of $29.99 USD.

Each of the 3 cables sits firmly attached in an HelicalGrip™, and thus need little or no tape to sustain up to 30 pounds of pull force.  Less time wasted with electrical tape translates to productivity gains and costs savings. Less tape or no tape at all, provides a path to increased sustainability. 

Francois Menard, founder and CEO of PULR Technologies Inc. explains the rationale behind Triple Helipuller™ being positioned for enabling POL and Class 4 power: 

While the Triple Helipuller™ was originally designed and can pull up to three CAT 6 cables at the same time, we were drawn by a future where POL and Class 4 power serve to break the distance, speed and power limitations of POE to unleash the full capabilities of Wi-Fi 7

With XGS-PON sticks inside Wi-Fi 7 access points powered by Class 4 power, it is possible to break the distances,  speed and power limitations of conventional twisted pair cabling. It is now possible to bypass all telecom closets centrally power with Class 4 electricity at the same time as feeding with XGS-PON, all Wi-Fi access points, redundantly, not from just one, but two locations thanks to ITU G.Sup51 PON Type B protection.  Accordingly, installing optical fiber along with higher gage cables capable of Class 4 power, is a logical thing to do. We want to make it easy and fast to pull all this cabling to every Wi-Fi access point, whether in a 3/4 inch conduit or across a cable tray. 

Like all other Helipuller™ models, the Triple Helipuller™ comes with a #8-32  male brass threaded end providing versatility and hundreds of re-use cycles. It is then possible to attach either the supplied screw on PULR™ Pull Tape Eye Adapter or attach any of the main brands of US pulling sticks. Those in the  the PULR Stick Kit  are also #8-32 threaded.  It is also available in variants for M4, M5 and 1/4 for other brands of pulling sticks. The versatility of the male threaded end also allows attachment of other devices that are #8-32 threaded such as a Magnepull head enabling easy installations behind gypsum walls or ceilings. 

The Triple Helipuller™ is in stock and ready for purchase at the MSRP price, from the https://PULR.Store or from the distribution channels at a discount. Distribution inquiries are welcome.  For more information, please fill our contact form.

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