HeliPass CatX now shipping with Type V NFC

HeliPass CatX now shipping with Type V NFC

We're now shipping HeliPass for CatX cables pre-configured with a DPP on our TapDPP.App online service and ready to be used with our TapDPP App for IOS which can be downloaded here:


HeliPass CatX ships with a Type V NFC chip with 320 bytes of memory and 60 years of data retention. It has a very reliable read range through a big bumper case for iPhones, which makes it super easy to use.   

You can order it here:


HeliPass CatX Pricing is:

Qty 1000 for $1999,

Qty 100 for $399,

Qty 10 for $49.99 and

Sample for $9.99.  

Pricing may be lower through our distribution channel. 


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