HeliPass™ NFC for CatX Cables

Re-usable, Affordable and Ready to ship.

Making your cables the center of your innovation strategy since 2022

Exciting developments soon to be announced

Industrial IOT for Agtech & Industry

Helitag™ RFID Sensors that attach to cables are now at the heart of important energy conservation initiatives.

Digital Product Passports for Cables

Circular Lifecycle Cable Management

Cited in the CIRPASS D3.1 Appendix as a solution for attaching DPP RFIDs onto cables.

RFID Cable Tags

Cable tagging without a zip tie tail to trash

Our patent pending Helitag™ redefines ease of use and affordability with an edge on Sustainability.

Pulling SC through 3/8'' Holes

FTTH Installs made Easy and Fast!

PULR has invented the HelicalGrip™ which makes it possible to pull FTTH patch cables with SC APC connectors down the smallest hole sizes (3/8'').

Cable Pulling Adapters

The end of wasted electrical tape

Our names comes from the unique re-entrant groove which enables pulling pre-terminated FTTH cables without need for wasting electrical tape.